BENEFITS OF LIVING BY FAITH (1) By Revd. Olusola Areogun

HEB. 11:1-19

One of the major subjects in Christianity that you must master well is living by faith. It is the very basis of Christianity.

The subject is so important that the scriptures say that without it (faith), it is impossible to please God (Heb.11:6).

I want you to see some of the benefits of living by faith, so that you can be encouraged to pursue the faith life better.

1. Faith secures us a good testimony or report before God (vs.2)

2. Living by faith will help you to be creative (vs.3)

3. Faith will help you give your best to God in everything (vs.4)

4. It will enable you to please God (vs.5)

5. It will help you live in the fear of God (vs.7)

6. Faith will help you obey God even when it looks foolish.

7. It is only through faith that we can get the promises of God actualized in our lives.

8. Faith will help you to prove the ability of God. (vs.17-19)

Prayer:Father, I receive grace to take the subject of faith serious and live by it in Jesus’ name

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