WHAT IS CLIMBING WITH YOU? By Rev. Olusola Areogun

Romans 8:27; Judges 14:1-3; Matt 27: 4-5

WHAT is climbing with you will determine what will happen to you when you get to your destiny platform. There is a height that God wants to take you, many treasures He wants to unleash on you but as you go on in His plan, you must be careful to note what are the things that are climbing with you that could bring you down or mess you up when you attain that height much later in your destiny journey.

Samson was chosen before he was born to be the savior who’ll deliver the Israelite from the tyranny of the Philistines, but his love for strange women brought him down and he died with the Philistines. Judas Iscariot had a call like the other Apostles but his love for money brought him down, he did not only lose his call but he also lost his relationship with God and died a sinner. What is climbing with you can take you to hell though you actually have a call and have also preached to many.

The Bible calls such things weights or little foxes that spoil the vine (Heb. 12:2). Sometimes, they are so infinitesimal and unnoticed that it would take God to reveal them to you. They range from wrong attitudes or way of life, value system, habits or even the company you keep. It is better you overcome then when you are still in the making than when you have attained great heights because they will cause severe damage when you reach to the top.

God in His infinite mercy exposes you to circumstances that will expose them to you but many have failed by because they ignored those warnings. Don’t overlook these little foxes climbing with you. It may be anger as it was in the case of Moses but God will arrange a situation in which you will get angry in order to show you that anger is still there. It is now left for you to embrace the help of God in overcoming it.

If there is anyone that missed it at the top as a result of those things, such people did not pay attention to the times God was trying to help them. When you submit to the process God designed for you to deal with these things, He will always get rid of them before you attain that height, but you must choose whether to take to God’s process or help or ignore them.

Prayer : Holy Spirit search my heart and evaluate my life, reveal everything that is climbing with me on  the journey of destiny that is dangerous to me and show me, how  to properly deal with them.

Pastor Ayo Agbelusi

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