We shall continue our study on knowing when to sow.

9. When you are down or sorrowing: Interestingly, sowing seeds is one of the strongest weapons to break the yoke of sorrow but many don’t know or don’t care to do it at such times. When you feel like you want to end it all, find someone else to do some good for and see how fast you will get out of sorrow (Ps. 126:1-6)10. When you need to change the attitude of people towards you so as to create a climate of favour for yourself (Luke 6:38)

11. When you need to access the presence and wisdom of the great: There is nothing like a seed to open the well of wisdom in a great man to you. Never let an opportunity with the great go by you without sowing a seed. Do acts of kindness for great people and it will open doors into their presence and wisdom. Become a financial partner with genuine and great men of God and see what can happen (Prov. 18:16)

12. When you need to stop a plague or a generational curse in your life: David stopped a plague through an offering (2 Sam. 23:1-5)

13. When you need to create a pathway for your spiritual gifts to be noticed, you use physical giving to make that way: This is what happened to Barnabas (Acts 4:34-37)Compare Barnabas with Ananias and Sapphira. Most givers in an environment are noticed faster by men and God. Whether you give time, talent or treasures; givers are noticed faster and come to limelight. For example, if two brothers have equal gifts but one is a giver of himself and his things, I believe he will be noticed for expression faster.

14. When you need a different harvest from what you are currently having, change the seed you are sowing: A man’s harvest on earth is entirely dependent on his seed. Everything we need on earth is a HARVEST of the kingdom. To change a negative harvest, change the seed you are sowing. To increase your harvest, increase your seed. To hasten your harvest, sow your seed earlier and on time.

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