The Danger of Running your own plan outside of God’s plan for your Life (1) By Rev. Olusola Areogun

The Danger of Running your own plan outside of God’s plan for your Life (1) 

By Rev Olusola Areogun

Read: Matthew 4:19

Anything you are doing that is not connected to what God is doing on earth is not only irrelevant but also lethal to your survival on the earth. For instance, my initial plan was to become a professor at a young age but God’s plan for me was to be a preacher of the gospel. I was going along the line of my own plan but at a time God came to me and gave me an ultimatum: “I had to obey Him now or else.” The or else (the consequence of going their own way) is what has happened to many people. 

If I hadn’t respond to God at that time and continued with my own plan, whatever I did on the earth from that point on becomes irrelevant to God. The Bible is not a good history book because it was not intended to be a record of chronological events in the day it was written but of the dealings of God with men around his eternal purpose and counsel. Anytime you are not in the will of God for your life, you are out of His sight and that is what is very dangerous for a child of God. 

The danger in going along with your own plan is that you cannot carry out the plans by yourself. When you go with your own plans it is either the devil or ancestral forces will hijack you somewhere.  Those plans of yours will not be covered by God’s provisions. What you will have is the result and fruit of your labour and that fruit of your labour will be doing something to your nature. It will be making you proud and corky because a self made man is a man that is proud and smaller than what God plans for Him to be. They are the kinds of people that think God should appreciate them for coming to Church, since they at least have time for God, not knowing if God does not show mercy to them, the devil can knock them off at anytime. 

I receive full restoration of everything, I need to fulfill destiny that the devil has stolen in Jesus’ name. 

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