Open Heavens Devotional: WHY PAY TITHES? Tuesday, April 3, 2012

By Pastor E.A. Adeboye

Memorise: And as l may so say, Levi also, who receiveth tithes, payed tithes in Abraham. Hebrews 7:9

Read: Hebrews 7:4-9

Have you ever wondered why the Owner of the earth and its fullness (all the silver, gold and natural resources) demands for tithe from you? Is He asking because He cannot do without it? No! He does not need you to feed anyone He wants to feed. He that fed the Israelites for 40 years in the wilderness without their working for one day, and feeds all the animals in the bush on a daily basis surely has not run out of store. His store is inexhaustible. So why then does He ask for your tithe? The most probable reason would be: so that He can be covenanted to blessing you. This is necessary because the devil is always making a case against you night and day, telling Him why you should not be blessed. Paying your tithe is therefore in your best interest and for your good.

Your tithe is the seed to sow in order to continue to earn an income. In every provision, there is a seed that must be sown. Although you have different seeds, tithe is one seed to remind God of your need to earn another income. Your tithe is also an insurance against the devourer. Whether you believe it or not, Satan regularly plans against your income. He releases sickness, accidents, destruction of electrical gadgets by sudden power surge and other forms of losses to waste your income. One step towards accomplishing his purpose is to convince you not to pay your tithe or to defer it to some other time. If you fall into his trap, you will pay dearly for it. Things will be tight, very tight. Unnecessary expenses which could have been avoided will suddenly show up as urgent expenses. It is wisdom to pay your tithe! Paying tithe is also a thing of faith as it is done in obedience to God. This means if you cannot pay tithe, you are in unbelief and disobedience! Do not let any theologian deceive you! If you cannot pay tithe, you are in disobedience and in that state, you cannot enter Heaven. Paying tithes makes you a financial member of God’s kingdom. Paying tithe is the basis for loss recovery promised by God. Without it, you may never recover your losses. Ponder on the benefits of tithing and be faithful to God in tithing.


Paying of tithe is not for everyone. If you are among the saved souls that should pay tithe, you are most privileged.

Bible in one year: Isaiah 31-33

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22 thoughts on “Open Heavens Devotional: WHY PAY TITHES? Tuesday, April 3, 2012

  1. May ur word never stand against us on d judgement day.lord,may I be obedient to u.

  2. This message came at the right time& I pray that God will take away devourers for my sake as we follow His word

  3. Father pls forgive me all my sins! I ask jesus to come into my life as my lord A?????n?????? saviour! Pls fada empowered me to know you more to believe n act in your words in jesus name amen! Pls fad grant me all my heart desire.Amen!!!

  4. tithing_is_very_good,it_protects_u_from_many_things,and_d_blessings_from_tithing_even_extends_to_ur_family_by_God_ensuring_they_are_protected_from_the_enemy’s_attack.Tithing_opens_the_door_for_more_blessings.If_u_tithe,things_will_never_be_tight_for_you.Thanks_dad_for_your_word.

  5. The flesh does have its way in tithing but His grace is sufficient.Father help us!

  6. Oh Lord help me to always obey your words IJN . And remove devourer from my finances.

  7. Lord, pls help m????? †?? be a financial member of ???? kingdom dis is all I ask in IJS name.

  8. Lord, pls help me †o be a financial member of your kingdom dis is all I ask in IJS name.

  9. Lord give me d wisdom,understanding of ur word.empower me to obey ur word.nd 2 do according 2 ur way nd ur wishes in Jesus name.

  10. Thank you Lord for the money in my pocket give me the grace to give you a token out of what you have blessed me with. IJN amen

  11. I am so honoured and blessed to B???????? part of dis great work. More grace IJN

  12. Oh Lord!increase my understanding of seed and harvest,its bad enough to rob men,its disastrous to rob God…

  13. father pls help to be a obedient child, empowers me to pay my tithe regularly from today enhance forth

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